Friday, 30 July 2021

Natural Ways to Achieve Better Health

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Wellmune® through Kitchen PLAY.

Have you ever considered how perfect nature is? It holds many beautiful and wonderous things. We are all a part of the miracle that nature embodies. By choosing to closely align with the natural world, we can distance ourselves from harm derived from non-natural sources. Essentially we can choose to live a stronger, healthier and better life with just a few small and practical steps. 

If you want to be your best, you must first make an effort to choose the right path to health and well-being. Being your best always begins with good health. 

Eat the right foods to increase your wellbeing.

A diet rich in quality, colourful fruit and vegetables is the first step to a healthy life. Natural foods contain a multitude of vitamins and minerals which we require daily to function. In Australia, guidelines suggest 2 serves of fruit daily and 5 serves of vegetables. Many of us struggle to meet these standards however. 

If you can, grow your own vegies or choose organic varieties from your local grocer. Refrain from removing the skins of many fruits and vegies too as these protective 'packages' often hold the greatest number of nutrients to support your health.

Vitamin and mineral supplements can play a part to prevent deficiencies in our diets.

If you suspect your diet is lacking in essential nutrients, you can remedy this by choosing fresh fruits and vegetables over processed foods. Increase your intake of natural foods where possible. If you are experiencing symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, a quick visit to your GP for assessment, or a simple blood test, can reveal exactly what you need to improve your health. 

Selecting a good supplement to support your health can have major benefits including reducing fatigue and supporting your immune function.

Support your immunity.

You can easily support your immunity by adding yeast beta glucans to your diet. Not just any beta glucans however. Choose the scientifically demonstrated benefits of supplements, beverages and foods that contain Wellmune®.

The most effective yeast beta glucans are extracted from the cell wall of a specific and superior strain found in baker's yeast. Patented as Wellmune, this proprietary yeast beta glucan strain is scientifically backed by a number of peer-reviewed and published clinical studies to support and promote immune health. Research confirms Wellmune's safety and efficacy. Food, beverage and supplement manufacturers use Wellmune as a fundamental supporting ingredient in their products thanks to these clinical studies.

Wellmune's unique yeast beta glucans work to activate immune cells so that your immune system is operating at an optimal level. Wellmune is non-allergenic and gluten-free. It is suitable for adults and children. Immune support is a great choice for people experiencing stress and Wellmune can help support immunity.


Look for Wellmune in a range of vitamins and supplements in Australia. 
Also check the labels of healthy food and beverage choices for this vital ingredient.

Relax and de-stress with essential oils - A natural mental wellbeing boost.

Reducing stress and increasing relaxation is essential for our health both inside and out. Essential oils are essences derived from flowers, seeds, bark and leaves and even fruit peels. These oils are typically extracted from plant products via steam distillation. This process ensures the essence of a plant along with its fragrance and chemical constituents are preserved in the process. 

These potent plant-based products are ideal for use in aromatherapy.

The easiest way to benefit from the use of essential oils for aromatherapy is to use them in an oil burner or vaporise them in an electric diffuser. (The latter being ideal for use around young kids.) When these pure oils are added to heated water, they release powerful scents and their natural constituents can uplift and soothe. 

When sickness is present in your home, choose oils such as Eucalyptus, Tea Tree or Lavender oil.*

Essential oils warmed in a diffuser offer the ultimate in relaxation. These are perfect if you're into meditation. Choose only pure essential oils as they are the most effective and 100 percent natural.  

A final word on achieving better health naturally.

Drink water - up to 2 litres a day. This can include servings of calcium rich cow's milk or soy milk and tea - which contains beneficial tannins that have antioxidant properties. Tea is actually quite good for you!

Exercise. You don't have to punish yourself to get fit. A gentle 30 minute stroll each day adds up to muscle strength and helps to burn off excess calories keeping you trim, fit and healthy. Plus losing excess weight can reduce risk from all kinds of ailments and associated diseases such as Diabetes Type 2. Exercise brings with it the joy of looking and feeling your very best.

Have regular checkups at your GP. Your Doctor can assist you to stay healthy and keep a watch on things such as high blood pressure and heart health. Schedule a 6 monthly visit or follow your Doctor's recommendations to maintain your health.

Meditate. A calm mind means you can face the many hurdles that life throws at you each day. This skill practised daily is beneficial to your mental health and overall health, in infinite ways. 

*Wellmune has not been approved for use during pregnancy.
*Never consume or apply neat essential oils to your skin. Always add a few drops of essential oils to a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond Oil before applying to unbroken skin. Do not apply to mucous membranes, face or eyes. 
Make sure you educate yourself thoroughly about oils, their benefits and uses before use.

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