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Enbacci Saponaria Pumila Stem Cells Complete Body Firming Lotion Review


Nature is perfect. 

In nature we can source and find literally anything and everything we need. Nature is also beautiful. Our planet is filled with infinite and effective plant-derived ingredients that can be utilised in an incalculable number of beneficial ways. 

When it comes to selecting beauty products such as skin creams, it is undoubtedly best to go with naturally acquired formulations that are both kind and effective - designed to work in synergy with our bodies.

Enbacci is an Australian company who produce a beautiful and natural range of scientifically-backed skin care products that are both beneficially potent and comforting.

A while ago I was sent one of Enbacci's signature products to try - Enbacci's Saponaria Pumila Stem Cells Complete Body Firming Lotion. This product is a luxurious all-over body lotion which is enhanced with an amazing ingredient - Saponaria Pumila Stem Cells, sourced from the eleven thousand year old Saponaria Pumila plant. 

Amazingly, this incredible flowering plant managed to survive the Ice Age!

Enbacci's Saponaria Pumila Stem Cells Complete Body Firming Lotion is scientifically proven to improve moisture retention and re-densify ageing, sagging skin as well as protect the dermal skin cells from degrading external factors. It works to revive and re-invigorate skin cell activity whilst restoring firmness and elasticity. It's a 'super cream' that is light in texture and packed full of goodness to re-plump and renew the skin.  

Within this formulation there are additional key ingredients that enhance the protective powers of the ancient pink-flowered Saponaria Pumila Stem Cells. (Pictured below are the striking blossoms of this incredible plant.) There's Macadamia Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Sunflower Oil as well as Vitamins C, E and K. This beautifying body firming lotion is naturally rich in essential fatty acids and the further benefits of Lecithin and Shea Butter.

'According to a study conducted by PhytoCellTec, a mere 0.5% concentration of Saponaria Pumila stem cells can protect the dermis from UV irradiation by 35% and improve skin density and firmness by 14% over a 28-day period.'

I have been applying Enbacci Saponaria Pumila Stem Cells Complete Body Firming Lotion almost daily on my skin during the long winter months in lockdown. I mainly applied it on my hips, thighs, abdomen and arms and also on my face and hands. 

This moisturiser has a beautiful light texture and a lovely delicate scent. I find the consistency of the cream just right and not oily. It is absorbed rapidly and leaves my skin soothed, comforted and luxuriously moisturised. It is convenient to have a truly effective moisturiser that is so adaptable.

I have noticed that with daily use there is definitely a firmer look and feel on places such as my hands, neck and thighs. It's pretty good on problem areas such as cellulite too. It has also been very helpful at relieving the dryness on my elbows, where I have applied this product a couple of times a day to combat the issue over winter.

I am super-impressed with Enbacci's Saponaria Pumila Stem Cells Complete Body Firming Lotion. I truly recommend its benefits. This luxe pump pack moisturiser is pure and effective with no nasties to worry about. Presented in a large and pretty 180ml bottle, it comes at a recommended retail price of $80. 

For further information on this product and other Enbacci items in the range, please visit the Enbacci website. You can read our earlier Enbacci reviews here and here

Disclosure: Item gifted for consideration.
All views expressed and genuine.

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  1. This sounds lovely and I also appreciate brands focusing more on what's available in nature... and anything with shea butter in it is usually luscious!

  2. Nature certainly offers some very good ingredients for skincare! I just wish that more skincare companies could embrace the idea of making the products plastic free too. I'm horrified by the plastic pollution crisis and always buy plastic free options if I can. There are quite a few good options around here so I'm happy about that.

  3. This a good news post for those whose skin needs help. It’s been great to have your blog post linked up for the week on Life This Week.
    Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing you next Monday too. The optional prompt is Sharing Your Snaps (photos).
    And a big thank you for showing your appreciation for guest blogger, Mr Whelan, in 2021.
    Take care, Denyse.


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