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Baby and Mumma Gifts - Australian Hampers and Gifts for New Mums Plus WIN a New Mum Gift Hamper Valued at $149

Motherhood is one of the most delightful and fulfilling experiences you can have in life. There's nothing more beautiful than becoming a new mum. The feeling a new life growing inside for months on end, then receiving your child in your arms at the moment of birth; it's just such an awe-inspiring experience. 

For expectant mothers, there is glory basking in all that attention that comes with pregnancy from family, friends and colleagues. Literally everyone - even strangers, share in the excitement and joy of your long-awaited baby. 

As soon as baby arrives however, the focus shifts sharply away from mum and over to the beautiful little-one who positively shines in the limelight. 

This common experience can leave new mums feeling a little down after the exhausting process of pregnancy and birth, not to mention the hormonal and emotional curves that they face as the months of hard work continue. 

Mothers invariably need care and support too. Family and friends can certainly help out with the housework and the new baby, but a meaningful gift that provides comfort for the new mum will be a practical, uplifting and heartfelt one. Especially so if she is feeling less than fabulous. (As is the norm.)

Finding a new mum a meaningful gift to elevate her at this all-important time, is a simple pleasure at Baby and Mumma Gifts. Take a look at their exquisite mum and baby hampers which have been expertly created by business owner and mum of two, Rachel.

"Hi, I'm Rachel, and I'm the owner and founder of Baby and Mumma Gifts.

I have two beautiful children whom I love to spoil.

As a new mum, I loved all the beautiful gifts I received and found some of the most special ones included something that was just for me. I felt so cared for and special when I received beautiful gifts from all my family and friends.

Since then, I have been creating gift hampers for baby showers for my friends and family for many years. As well as gifting something for a baby, I have always thought it is just as important to give something just for mum.

I have gift hampers with gifts just for the baby, as well as many gifts just for mum, to make her feel special and loved."

'New mother gift hampers should include items that are just for mum, with her wellbeing and self-care at the forefront. It needs to include products that help a new mother with her recovery, support her breastfeeding journey, (if she chooses to breastfeed), and give her the opportunity to prioritise her own self-care.'

Baby and Mumma Gifts stock the perfect gifts for new mothers, mums to be and new babies. Baby
and Mumma Gifts hampers include practical items that are selected just for mums, and focus
always on mum’s wellbeing first.

Lactation cookies are wonderful as they include ingredients to support milk supply. Every new mother knows the hunger that comes with early breastfeeding, and lactation cookies provide a guilt-free snack.

Natural lotions for dry skin with uplifting scents.

During pregnancy hair is lush and full. Six weeks after baby arrives, the hair loss cycle begins. 
Keep stray hair tidy with a scrunchie on-hand.

A heat pack is wonderful for sore backs, hips and shoulders from pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.

Scented candles, essential oils, bath salts and aromatherapy diffusers can help a new mother to relax and ensure she takes time for her own self-care and wellbeing.

If you want to send a beautiful new mum a gift hamper, Baby and Mumma Gifts is an Australian,
family-owned small business specialising in creating, professionally packing and sending new
mother and baby gift hampers. Shipping is included in all purchases and a beautiful hand-written
card is supplied. Baby and Mumma Gifts want to help you pamper every new mother in your life.

Check out the Baby and Mumma Gift’s website or find them on Instagram. 

WIN a Baby and Mumma New Mum Gift Hamper valued at $149 as featured here.

Total prize pool: $149.
Australian residents only.
Game of skill.

To enter fill out the short competition form below and leave a comment including your name at the bottom of this post. Comments without identifiable names will be disqualified.
Please share with your family and friends too. x
Good luck!

*Disclosure: Featured item gifted for review. All opinions expressed are genuine.


  1. Great collaboration!! Best advice I’ve been given on becoming a mum-don’t worry about housework, and trust your own instincts! I also love Rachel’s hampers-they’re so beautiful and thoughtful!
    I’d give this prize to a newborn mum who I love and admire (mum of three!)
    Jasmine Marshall

    1. Great advice! We all parent differently and the best method is your own, even if that takes some time to discover exactly what works.

    2. Jasmine, I am honoured to award this to your mum-of-three friend! She is surely in desperate need of some me-time. Hamper on its way shortly. x

    3. Thank you so much!!! Appreciate this a whole lot!!!

    4. Thank you both so much! Really appreciate it!!!

    5. You're so welcome, Merry Christmas!

  2. The best advice was to not listen to everyones advice but just take it all with a grain of salt and listen to your head, heart, feelings and own baby's needs and wants! Everyone is different.
    Karina L

    1. Yes. The motherhood is so unique and personal. A happy mum makes a happy baby.

  3. Looking after new mothers is so importnat. Two of my daughters have had babies during Covid restrictions and it's been very hard. I live a long away from both of them and couldn't just pop over to see them. #lifethisweek

  4. My friend's daughter is having a baby at Christmas and would enjoy these products. It's great to acknowledge how important it is to nurture the mother as well

  5. Such a great gift idea. Gosh, when we had kids, we used to get Baby Shower gifts in a nappy bucket (a big plastic bucket with a lid) that one day would be filled with wet/soiled cloth nappies soaking to get clean. No disposables then. Thank you so much for linking up your blog post for Life This Week. I hope to see you next week, for the last of my Taking Stock posts. Do join in, with a post on or off prompt. Denyse.

    1. Still a great gift though Denyse. I used all cloth nappies on my second child. He was such a chill baby - now a chill 19 year old. I was proud of my efforts on the savings and landfill. I couldn't do it with my 3rd however - he was a huge wetter and no matter what brand nappy we used, he'd get soaked through including the bed, at least a couple of times a night!

  6. Trust yourself and be an advocate for your baby. You might not be a nurse or doctor but you know your child better than anyone else.

  7. Amy Gormley
    My biggest regret when I had my first child was not asking for help when i really needed to. I know tell all my pregnant friends and family that there is no shame in asking, and often will drop things of even before they ask. I would love to win to give to my SIL who just had her first baby. After working in childcare/nannying she finally has her own little one

  8. oh and that gaia lip balm is amazing!!! it got me through my labour when i vomitted constantly and couldnt drink water or eat anything...(amy Gormley)


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