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Have a Merry Smiggle Christmas! Plus WIN a Smiggle Advent Calendar

The best store for Christmas gifts for kids, teens and stationery addicts of all ages? 


Who could possibly walk past a Smiggle store at Christmas time? Impossible methinks! Smiggle has everything and more at any time of the year. Christmas though - that's the ideal time to swagger-on-in and grab the absolute best gifts on offer. 

Yup, this year find all you need in the one place for your ever-wanting kids and teens. I am so jelly of these stocking stuffers coming to my kids this December. I just know they are going to squeal when they uncover the following items. 

Your nearest and dearest little and big darlings are sure to, too.

Check out this year's Disney collab with Smiggle for a stunning set of items that will impress everyone. Don't fret - there's also Marvel on offer.

This gorgeous glitter-embossed Disney's Cinderella backpack is amazing STELLAR! Cinderella's backpack positively glows with detailed diamonte glitter and a bodice to match. Her skirt is so pretty in pale blue satin and tulle against the midnight blue of this bag. Her real dress flutters and floats in the breeze - it's just magical! 

A beautiful backpack that takes your breath away.

Discover all the details from Disney's Cinderella. Movie imagery is printed in silver foil all over this bag. Inside there is a separate divider for important stuff like school work or a laptop. There's an ID patch and extra zippered compartments externally to store important things. Also a mesh pocket for a water bottle. There are details galore including a zipper-pull with Cinderella's elegant slipper attached. 

"A dream is a wish your heart makes..."

Don't get the Disney Cinderella backpack without the matching stainless steel drink bottle!
Again, beautifully illustrated for a perfectly paired gift.

Find many of your Disney favourites at Smiggle right now. Moana makes an entrance too with a cute range of similar items as pictured below. Ariel and Belle are also in the new Smiggle range.

One of the greatest things about shopping Smiggle in December, is the chance to knock-off much of the new school year's stationery list. Find funky pencils, markers and pencil cases, lunchboxes, notebooks, novelties, backpacks and general supplies that will brighten your child's learning. 

Headphones by Smiggle are always cheerful and well-received - also useful for school. Smiggle's Fold-Up Headphones with a built-in volume-limit will ensure your kids won't blast their eardrums out of their heads!

Find good gifting in Smiggle's take along, light-up Unicorn Bluetooth Speaker, Smiggle's Squishies Stickers and cool Fizzy Cola scented pencils. Kids will love Magic Fluff, (pictured below), which is both squishy and mouldable. Also Galactic Goo - great play stuff kids will love.

Yay for Smiggle's amazing scented markers. (Below.) They're a regular product at Smiggle but the scents and style are always evolving. These Twin Tip markers are a two-in-one presented in a hard case, ideal for school use.

Pièce de résistance
Smiggle's Advent Calendar 2021.
Okay, honestly - every household needs the joy of a 10th Edition Smiggle Advent Calendar. Find amazing stationery bits and Smiggle toys and treaties encased within 25 days of exciting Christmas discovery. 
Hot item alert!: EVERYONE wants one of these happy collectibles - don't delay! 
Head in store or visit Smiggle online to shop yourself silly this Christmas. 

Smiggle Christmas fun is coming to one of our lucky followers.

To enter to win a Smiggle Advent Calendar, just fill out the short competition form below and leave a comment and your name on this review post below the comp form.
Entries without comments or names will be disqualified.
Please share this Christmas giveaway with your family and friends.
Merry Christmas!

Promotion ends 30th November.
Australian residents only.
Game of skill.
Total prize pool: $49.95.

*Disclosure: Smiggle items featured were gifted in exchange for this feature.
All opinions are our own.

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  1. I would love to win the Smiggle Advent Calendar prize as my 9 year old daughter is really discovering her artistic side with drawing and making comics with her friends and I would love to see her further encouraged by finding fun, exciting stationery products each day throughout December. Vanessa Ahern

  2. The fold up headphones, because they will protect my daughter's ears and fit easily in her bag (Joanne Cardamone)

  3. The Cinderella backpack looks amazing and smiggle backpacks are always good quality and last! Probably would be on my daughter's school wish-list for next year! (Kylie Sneddon)

  4. Oh my gosh, this looks great. I’m so sick of arguing over chocolates and sweets - fun without the sugar! Susie Mitterman

  5. My grandkids love art so we’re liking the twin tip markers Great quality and range of colours to keep them occupied for hours ( Caroline Avard )

  6. My grandkids love their artwork and like your twin tip markers . These are of great quality and plenty of different colours to keep them busy for hours on end these Christmas 🎄 holidays (Caroline Avard)

  7. My grandkids love art so we’re liking the twin tip markers Great quality and range of colours to keep them occupied for hours ( Caroline Avard )

  8. My grandkids love art so we’re liking the twin tip markers Great quality and range of colours to keep them occupied for hours ( Caroline Avard )

  9. I love the new Disney stuff. I'm a mad Disney fan (even have Disney tattoos) and my kids know it! I'm a kid at heart when it comes to Disney!
    My kids would love any of those items, they are stationary obsessed

    1. Congratulations Alisa - they're going to run wild with this prize!
      Hopefully this will arrive shortly, if not, your kids will have some fun Advent days collecting many goodies all at once! :D

  10. I love the unicorn speaker, my daughter who loves unicorns would love this (Lara Haynes)

  11. This looks like hours of fun for my daughter, hours she would have used staring at the screen!
    karina lee

  12. I love the backpack and the stainless steel drink bottle. Both would be well loved in our family.

  13. I love the backpack and the stainless steel drink bottle. Both of these would be well loved in our family.... (Juanita Torr)

  14. Oh so exciting, really like The Smiggle Advent Calendar please, great way celebrate and count down days till Christmas my toddler loves surprises. Rebecca Heath.

  15. Oh how exciting my toddler be thrilled with counting down days before Christmas and opening up everyday a “surprise” he loves Smiggle Advent Calendar. Thankyou Six Little Hearts. Rebecca Heath

  16. Headphones are a beat for us, the vibes for each of us are different, so to listen to our own music and all dancing to our own is funny and lovely, then to fold away with no tangled cords makes for happy dancers

  17. The foldable head phones, with the no tangle cord. Safety first and I can get my headphones back for me.

  18. My kids all love slime and Goo the galactic Goo is on all wish lists this year!

  19. Trying to capture every moment left with my teenager. Advent calendars make for special memories.

  20. Markers! We can never have enough markers in this house!

  21. The fold up head phones would be so handy for travel and long car trips.

  22. I love the Cinderella drink bottle. We are Disney princess obsessed in this family, and every year Santa gives the kids new drink bottles for the new school year. This is the perfect bottle for this year!! Durable and stunning

  23. Totally can't live without my magic fluff so will have to get myself a new one this festive season. It is the best destresser ever. It makes you smile and helps me think of fun stuff not stress stuff.
    Natalie Murnane

  24. SMIGGLE backpacks are always a delight.
    Getting compliments, out of sight.
    Fairy princess just like my little one.
    Lots of wishes hoping to come.
    Smiggle always makes it fun!!
    Kerry Santillo


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