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Better Gut Health For The Whole Family with BC30™ Probiotics

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Keeping ourselves and our families in peak health is a priority for everybody. Healthy, active people of all ages typically have loads of energy and vitality and can accomplish more in their daily lives because of it. Enjoying good health is something we can easily take for granted. It's not until we become unwell with something as simple as a common cold, that we feel that familiar longing for the return to wellness. 
Maintaining our health is a constant requirement and challenge. Often our busy and stressful lifestyles can pull us backwards and bring our health down. Eating well, exercising, avoiding alcohol and smoking, plus consuming fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, can reinvigorate the immune system and our energy levels. A good diet may also reduce the occurrence and duration of ailments. 

Additionally, supplementing daily with vitamins and minerals as required, may be of assistance in the ongoing pursuit of effective health management.

Don't forget the importance of good gut health.

Probiotics may play an important role in the maintenance of gut health and general wellbeing in all populations and age groups. Probiotics are a natural part of our microbiome. 

Probiotics should nurture a healthy gut, but not all probiotics survive the journey.

Did you know that there are two types of probiotics? These are referred to as vegetative and spore-forming.

Probiotics are natural microorganisms that are basically good bacteria for digestion and they keep the gut healthy. Vegetative probiotics are commonly found in fermented foods such as sauerkraut, yoghurt, kombucha and kimchi. You can usually purchase a vegetative probiotic supplement from a fridge at your local pharmacy. 

Probiotics of this type have obvious limitations however. These vegetative probiotics are fragile because they typically require constant cold storage. This can limit their accessibility and reduce their efficacy if not kept at an optimal cool temperature.

BC30™ is a spore-forming probiotic - meaning the outer spore protects the beneficial live cultures within from destruction during the manufacturing process. This adds benefits such as a longer shelf-life and guards against degradation during the digestive process. BC30 probiotics, when added to functional foods and beverages, can deliver good gut bacteria directly and effectively to the gut, without the need for cold storage.

There is convenience in taking spore-forming probiotics too. Unlike vegetative probiotics which require round-the-clock refrigeration, BC30's spore-forming probiotics are robust and easy to include in your daily diet and routine. Functional foods such as muesli bars, cereals, snacks and oats with added BC30, can promote your gut health on-the-go. In addition, functional beverages such as teas and juices are also available with all the benefits of BC30 probiotics. There is something for everybody. Just look for the BC30 logo or scan the ingredients listing next time you shop.

BC30 has a strong safety record and over 25 published clinical studies have confirmed its benefits. There is no other probiotic strain that contains BC30's unique attributes.

BC30 probiotics are natural and safe - the ingredient is gluten free, vegan and non-allergenic. BC30 is also Kosher and Halal certified and is available in hundreds of functional foods and beverages worldwide. The whole family will enjoy healthy functional foods and beverages with BC30's stable probiotic benefits. 

Seek out popular and healthy functional foods and beverages containing BC30 to enjoy at anytime of the day and conveniently, anywhere.

With BC30 probiotics, it's never been easier to promote healthy living and digestive health for the entire family. Simply by adding functional foods and beverages to your own diet and that of your family, you can be assured everybody is receiving the full benefit of BC30 probiotics. 

You can now nurture and restore digestive health, anywhere and anytime. 
Adults and children alike, will enjoy these products.

BC30 is formerly known as GanedenBC30. You can find this ingredient in a wide variety of functional foods and beverages. Look for the BC30 logo or brand name on packaging. You can scan the ingredient list for this unique strain which will appear under the name of Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086.


  1. Lovely beach shots. Some interesting stuff about covid in the gut at the moment (or not interesting, I guess.) So much more is impacted by it than we realise.

  2. I've not heard of this probiotic but am quite slack about taking things like that. (I am on multivitamins after my weight loss surgery years ago.)

    I think I'm being healthy if I have some apple cider vinegar from time to time, but that's about it....

    Stunning beach shots by the way!

  3. I am so glad you got to have your beach holiday despite all the challenges that 2021 brought. You are amazing..

    Many thanks to you for linking up for Life This Week with a blog post. I look forward, I hope, to seeing you back on Mondays whenever that works for you! Denyse.


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