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Sun & the Beach Review. UPF 50+ Beach Shelter Big Enough for The Entire Family. Giveaway!

Summertime is considered the best time of the year by the majority of us. The season of beautiful long sunny days are often busy ones packed with fun-filled entertainments outdoors. It's just so refreshing to feel the heat of the sun, the warm air and enjoy all the unfettered joys that come with the summer season.  

A day trip to the beach is one of the best ways to enjoy summer. It's also one of the easiest and harshest ways to expose your skin to damage caused by the sun. Whether you're swimming in the surf or sitting in the sand, your skin is directly exposed to harmful UV rays. Sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses will only protect you to a certain degree. What you really need to enjoy your day at the beach, is the shade and protection provided by a purpose-built sun shelter with UPF50+.

We have holidayed at the beach a couple of times this summer and we have had loads of fun in the sun. We have enjoyed many long hours in the sand and the water - only made possible with our quality sun shelter to keep us cool and protected. 

While we have owned plenty of sun shelters in the past - from huts to tents and beach umbrellas, none have come close to the practicality of the Sun & the Beach shelter which we were invited to try out.

There are many positives to report about the Sun & the Beach shelter. The first is the size and weight of this product. The shelter and all of its components fit comfortably within a small carry bag which all-up, weighs just 2.5kgs. (As seen above, carried by my 9 year old daughter.) 

As for set-up - too easy! This shelter comes with painless instructions which I read before we arrived at the beach. It was simple and straight forward to construct this shelter - and fast. On our first use, we were comfortably seated in the sandy shade in just 5 minutes after choosing our ideal beach position. 

To construct the shelter, just lay the 2.5m x 2.5 m cover on the ground and stretch it out. The four corners have ropes with sandbags attached. The kids had fun filling the sandbags while I set-up the rust-proof foldable pole supports. These are well-made and constructed with interior cables to guide the build. The two poles go at the front of the shelter. Dig the pointed end into the sand, (or ground), and place the rounded rubber ends at the top of the elevated shelter beneath the fabric. 
Voila! the shelter is ready for use!

There are no fiddly pockets to secure this beach shelter.
 Just slip the shade cloth over the rounded end and it's done. 

Get the kids involved with the filling of the sand bags!

We are so impressed with the Sun & The Beach shelter. 
There was no squabbling for the best sun-free position and plenty of room to spare.

The Sun & the Beach shelter fabrication offers the highest UPF50+ sun protection, blocking 98% of the sun's harmful rays. There is plenty of room inside for families of all sizes and their gear. The build is sturdy and strong and we had no problems with wind pushing this shelter about like others we have owned. It stayed put from the time we set it up until three hours later when we pulled it down to leave. 

The Sun & the Beach shelter is light and airy, allowing the sea breeze to keep things cool inside. It is crafted from a weather resistant stretch fabric that also offers protection from light showers. The shelter is also triple-overlocked to give it strength and longevity. 

I chose the bright orange shelter because it was stand-out. It's called Bright Coral. There's also a pretty Sun & the Beach Aquamarine shelter available too. We had no trouble locating our beach hut from the 100's of others at the beach. No-one else had a trendy orange shelter like ours! 

Like all sun huts, position your shelter away from the wind at the beach
 for maximum protection and stability.

Sun & the Beach shelters can be used in all settings, not only at the beach. The shelters come with accessories to make this versatility possible. There are tent pegs, sandbags and ropes which allow you to adapt this shelter for use in the garden or even set it up on stone! You can stretch out the shelter to make a canopy too. With the purchase of two additional poles you can even turn your Sun & the Beach shelter into a cabana!

Each Sun & the Beach shelter comes with a folding spade in a pouch, two poles, four grass pegs and a towel hook in addition to the shelter cloth, sandbags and ropes. All items are encased inside their own protective accessories bags. The lot fits into the small and lightweight carry bag as pictured at the top of this post. RRP $252, currently $184 at the Sun & the Beach online store.

We rate this product the BEST sun shelter we have ever used. The Sun & the Beach shelter receives top marks for size, weight, simplicity, function and versatility. Our shelter now lives in our car boot for quick set-ups when we're out and about. This shelter could easily be packed in a suitcase for travel and is handy for impromptu picnics. 

The Sun & the Beach shelter is brilliant! I am so happy to have this item on hand for our future beach trips and other adventures.

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The Sun and the Beach sun shade is the absolute best sun shelter we have ever used.
Keep your family protected under the amazing Sun and the Beach shelter which takes only 5 minutes to set up and pack away. The shelter is huge when assembled and keeps everyone comfortable under its UPF50+ shade cloth. It also comes with handy extras in its own small bag which weighs just 2.5kg all-up!
There are 2 fabulous colours available - Aquamarine and Bright Coral. These shelters are attractive and distinctive and can be used on grass, stone - literally anywhere. Take it camping or enjoy picnics or festivals under a Sun and the Beach sun shelter. Visit their website to learn more Sun and the Beach
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  1. We needed one of these in the holidays!

  2. This is so cool. We never used our beach shelter because it was so clunky to carry and such a faff to put up. This looks so much lighter to carry and easier to put up! No wonder you love it so much!

  3. What a great shelter that works for well for you all.
    Thank you for sharing Your blog post linked for #LifeThisWeek. I look forward to seeing you again when you next link up! Warm wishes. Denyse.

  4. We need one of these and a beach buggy to carry everything in 🙂


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