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NEW VTech and LeapFrog Toys for Girls and Boys and an Exciting Toy Giveaway!


There's some very exciting news from top toy brands VTech and LeapFrog! VTech is committed to eliminating fossil-based packaging and replacing it with plant-based alternatives in 99 percent of their electronic learning toys by 2025! Already in stores, the first of these new VTech and LeapFrog 'green' toys appeared last year in September 2021. That's great news for the environment and a huge step towards a greener future. 

There are some super toys that have been released too and you can find these in stores or online right now. 

Kickstart your child's love of food and food preparation with this adorable LeapFrog Choppin' Fun Learning Pot. Like all good LeapFrog toys, kids will be delighted with the lights and colours that enhance play- such as a pot that lights up as it cooks. There's a Smart Sensor that counts vegies as they drop into the pot and there are realistic sounds and learning phrases. Kids will learn numbers, hear music and enjoy the realistic sound of boiling water combined with a spectacular light display as they make magic soups and meals.

Despite the suggested age range on this toy, my foodie obsessed 9 year old has decided to keep this one 
for her beloved kitchen collection. She now prepares food daily for her baby dolls with the 
LeapFrog Chopin' Fun Learning Pot!

By touching the interactive recipe buttons and following the spoken directions, little kids can make all kinds of recipes just like mum and dad. The Choppin' Fun Learning Pot counts while it cooks too. Stirring is fun and the counting pot reinforces kids' gasp of number skills as they play. A turn and learn knob activates the pot and makes a fancy light show of mimicking boiling water.

The LeapFrog Choppin' Fun Learning Pot is a colourful and pretty playset for all children aged 12-36 months and beyond. It is proudly constructed with food pieces and parts that are 85 percent plant-based plastics. All 14 included play pieces conveniently store inside the pot itself for tidy time. Naturally, it's all about the fun and a better choice for the planet too. 

Priced at RRP $39.95. You can find this fantastic toy at Target, good toy retailers and online now.

What's a child's toy box without a quality learning puzzle? Bereft I'd say! 
Remember your own childhood enjoyment of solving wooden puzzles in kindergarten and prep? The exotic scent of the wooden jigsaws, (pawed by decades of children), mixed with aromas of waxy crayons, craft paints and wet day weather? Ahh, takes me back...

Try giving your own child this same sensual experience with the beautiful LeapFrog Interactive Wooden Animal Puzzle. It's the best of the old and new merged together in a captivating mix of traditional with modern enhancements. 

Designed for the 2 plus age group, children can place the puzzle pieces to learn about each animal depicted as well as numbers in both French and English. Play is embellished further with animal sounds, beats and music. In addition, lifting each puzzle piece will gift your child with a counting surprise. 

For picky parents who like to choose educational toys that also look stellar in the nursery, this one's a definite winner with its FSC 100% wood appeal from well-managed forests, plus reclaimed plastic merge that reduces landfill. 

LeapFrog's Interactive Wooden Animal Puzzle presents young children with four engaging play modes and promotes visual-spatial skills along with fine motor skills. Find this impressive puzzle at Target, good toy stores and online retailers for RRP $29.95 Australia-wide. Gorgeous!

Today's children of all ages adore modern tech such as your standard tablet or mobile phone. Most parents know and experience their children's love of game play on mum or dad's tablet or mobile - it's usually nicked off you from right under your nose. These essential devices are always missing when the kids are around, right? Your gear is so often found in their grubby little hands as they quickly try to explore your device before you retrieve it- Bless 'em! 

You can rid your child of this fascination altogether by gifting them a gaming pad of their very own that will perfectly mimic the bells and whistles of your real gear, and also bring on board a more appropriate way to entertain youngsters. Do this with the LeapFrog Touch & Learn Nature ABC Board. 

WOW! it looks just like a grown-up device but it's exclusively for kids aged 2 plus years!

Again, a beautiful example of FSC 100 percent wood and decked-out with reclaimed plastics to support the planet. 

Features include a side-slide button similar to real tablets to turn it on, volume control, counting, weather, animals and letter names and sounds. A fully animated screen helps to support your child's learning. Requires 2, AA batteries to run. RRP $39.95 at good toy stores and online. 
Enter the giveaway below to win some of these featured items.

WIN a LeapFrog Toys Pack valued at RRP $69.90 featuring: 

1x LeapFrog Interactive Wooden Animal Puzzle $29.95.

1x LeapFrog Touch & Learn Nature ABC Board $39.95.*

To enter, fill out the short competition form below.

*Be sure to leave a comment on the bottom of this post in the comments section

along with your name so that you can be identified if you are our winner.

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Game of skill.

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Promotion ends 8th April, 2022.

Good luck!

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*Disclosure: Featured items gifted in exchange for review.


  1. Veraneeka, these activity toys sound perfect for my little one to start learning,

  2. veraneeka these activity toys sound perfect for my little one to start learning and development skills.

  3. My little guy is getting more & more curious, what a wonderful and fun way for him to learn while he plays....and tell me how to do it!

  4. I would love to win the LeapFrog Toy Pack as I strongly support purchasing products that are aiming for sustainability and providing a better future for our children. Vanessa Ahern

  5. This looks like hours of fun for the kids, without destroying the planet!
    karina l

  6. These are the perfect educational toys for my niece but I think I will save them for my Granddaughter, who will learn to think playing with these (Juanita Torr)

  7. To be used by my 2 year old, and baby on the way.
    They may just leave their elder siblings devices alone for a day.
    Leap Frog is sustainable in more than one way,
    Not only made from reclaimed materials, but well constructed for many hours of play.

  8. I would love to win these for my family. Educational gifts are the best kind of gifts to give.

  9. To be able to share the fun of Leapfrog with my nieces and nephews would be awesome!

  10. I would love to win these for my granddaughter and grandson who both have bithdays coming up very soon. They would love to have these to play with.

  11. I would love to win these for my daughter, anything that's educational is a huge plus for me.

  12. Combining play & education with an opening to discuss caring for our surroundings is both a win for my family and our environment whilst also offering a comfortable sleep for me and a rest for our planet. (Adele Smith)

  13. I would like to entertain little kids with this toy.

  14. Matthew loves Leapfrog and it helps keep that brain active (good for me too!)
    (Sharon Markwell)

  15. Teaching our children to make ethical choices by our actions

  16. We just welcomed our surprise number 4 after getting rid of all the toddler toys. It would be great to have some educational toys ready for when she's old enough!

  17. Love Educational Toys/Games for my children that 'don't cost the Earth'!

  18. I think the best toys are the ones that stir nostalgia and our inner child in us adults - these look like a fabulous blend of classic toys with modern tech to keep little ones engaged, and sustainable production is the icing on the cake!
    (Charlotte Scotton)

  19. These look like such fun - I'd like to be the cool aunt who hands them out to the nephews

  20. We just returned from visiting family in Melbourne and while we were there we took all the kids to the Melb Zoo. A first zoo experience for my 2 year old and she loved it!, especially the hippo and spider monkeys! She would adore the Leapfrog animal puzzle or nature board to keep the animal noises and naming rolling...
    Our home town has been devastated by floods on two occasions in 5 weeks. Seeing belongings and rubbish out on the streets is so sad but it's also made me think about our environment so much more and the things we need to do help it. Love the use of reclaimed plastics in these toy. We have sponsored 3 local kids between 2-11 through Grant a Wish. If we were win to win, I'd love to add one of the toys to our donations for the 2 year old. I'm certain it would bring him joy and help meet his learning needs given that most playgroups, childcare and Kinder's remain closed.
    Kirsty Polujan

    1. Congratulations Kirsty. one of these prize packs is coming your way. All the best in these difficult times.

      Stay tuned for a new LeapFrog toy giveaway planned for after Easter. Thanks for entering everyone. Happy Easter!

  21. Little Mr. Almost 3 would lose his tiny mind over these new toys.
    He loves to play with new things (who doesn't), but I love to watch him figuring new toys out, and learning how they function. I could sit and watch for hours.

  22. Little Mr. Almost 3 would lose his tiny mind over these new toys.
    He loves to play with something new (who doesn't), but I find so much joy in watching him learn how to use new things and use his imagination!

  23. It will encourage him to learn,
    Whilst having fun with a Leapfrog toy,
    Giving him the confidence,
    To be a clever and creative boy.


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