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Cool Cleaning Products From CleanHQ Plus WIN a Hamper of Scrub Daddy and Minky Home Products Worth $112

Clean freaks rejoice! There are new and exciting cleaning aids in the market which will brighten your most loathsome tasks. Let's face it, cleaning is something we must do, but we can all agree it is rarely enjoyable. 

Take a look at the following selection of cool cleaning items available at CleanHQ which will make light work of boring tasks. We also have a super cleaning giveaway valued at $112 for a lucky follower to win! Read on...

Enjoy the simple pleasures of microfibre cleaning cloths that are antibacterial. You can use them on their own with just water, or add your choice of cleaning fluid if you think the job requires it. The choice is yours. There is no mess when these antibacterial, colour-coded cloths are employed to fulfil their specific purpose. The Minky Mcloths pictured offer targeted cleaning power without chemicals.

'Minky Mcloth Anti-bacterial Glass and Window removes dirt and grease from windows, mirrors, mobile phones, laptop screens and other glass surfaces. It's generous size makes light work of large surface areas, leaving a crystal clear finish every time. Ideal for smear and lint free cleaning for a crystal-clear finish, even without window spray, although that can be added for extra sparkle.'

There is a full range of Minky Mcloths available for just about any purpose. Priced at RRP $9.95.

If you've got pets, you will appreciate the power of the Minky Mcloth Pet Promises Antibacterial Pad. (Pictured below.) Comfortable to hold, it enables easy removal of all manner of pet mess from your floors, walls and glass windows and can even clean your pet's bowls of stuck-on food. It's squishy and designed with directional fibres that take the 'Eww' out of cleaning up after your pets. It is also great for cleaning up after kids!

Likewise, the Minky Mcloth Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Pad is dual-sided to clean tough stains - gently. It can also buff and polish stainless steel appliances. Again a squishy, fat and comfortably designed cloth to face those daily necessities in one of the most used rooms in your home. RRP. $9.95.

The Original Scrub Daddy - what a cool name for a cleaning range. (There's also a Scrub Mommy.) These are a bright and happy selection of coloured cleaning aids that are as cute as can be. Pictured above is the fat and flat scrubbing sponge. Amazingly, it is soft in warm water and firm in cool, giving it loads of versatility. 

Show your love of this cute sponge with the useful Scrub Daddy, Daddy Caddy to show it off! This item stores your sponge and allows it to dry. I have attached mine to the tiles on the backsplash beside the kitchen tap. The kids think it's massively cute and my youngest even gave it a name!  

Find these cool cleaning aids from Scrub Daddy at Coles or online at CleanHQ for RRP $5.95.
 Refills are available too in a rainbow of happy colours.

Scrub Daddy's The Damp Duster - WOW!

'The biggest innovation in dusting since the vacuum cleaner. It collects and traps dust in one quick wipe, then rinses clean under a tap to use time and again. The ridged design is perfect for blinds, vents, skirting boards, railings, mirrors - anywhere hard-to-reach that collects dust. The dampened ridges hold onto dust and debris when you wipe, rather than simply moving it around your home like most dusters. RRP $3.95.'

This pre-moistened sponge is useful in so many ways. For hay fever sufferers, this innovative damp sponge collects the dust instead of stirring it up resulting in less allergies. I use mine on my piano as the large surface area attracts lots of dust. It's also great for skirting boards and stair rails - even wooden bedheads which are dust collection areas. Just rinse in fresh water to clean the sponge ready for its next use. RRP $3.95.

Scrub Daddy's Soap Daddy Dual Action Soap Dispenser is a great design for the kitchen. See the details of what this nifty device can do in the picture below. I have bought some liquid soap to put into this for handwashing. I think this will be a very useful way to encourage kids and teens to wash their hands regularly. RRP  $14.95.

CleanHQ have a huge range of these featured brands and more. Visit their website to get a gist of the best in home cleaning products. See below to enter our giveaway thanks to CleanHQ!  

CleanHQVIP reader discount code. Take a generous 20% off all purchases over $50!

Want to WIN a cleaning pack of these cool cleaning products from CleanHQ valued at $112?*
*Items below are an example of what's included. Actual prize content may differ.
Total prize pool: $112.
Australian residents only
Game of skill
Promotion ends midnight 21st June, 2022.

To enter just fill out the steps on the short competition form below and leave a comment with your name inside the comment box on the bottom of this page.
Entries without identifying names will be disqualified.
Good Luck!

*Disclosure: Featured items gifted in exchange for this review.


  1. Cleaning won't seem such a chore, when the products make it fun. Awesome Prize I'd love to win

    1. Thanks for adding your name Janelle T and congratulations on winning the CleanHQ prize pack!

  2. Ozthoughts - can you please return and pop your name in your entry post? Cheers.

  3. I love that the products included in this giveaway can be used to clean around my home efficiently, without any chemicals if I choose. I'd definitely make light work of my kitty's messes with the special pet cleaning wipe. (Juanita Torr)

  4. I love the Petpromise cleaners. Having 2 dogs, one of which is a large breed that is waist high to me and over 125 pounds with paws the size of a bear I a always cleaning behind her.

  5. The kids and husband would love that Scrub Daddy, especially with the eye balls. Maybe this would encourage them to scrub and clean more!
    Karina L

  6. what a great giveaway, much needed in our house to clean up after the tiny humans


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