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Glo-Up Girls Fashion Dolls With Surprise Reveals! Plus Giveaway

Hot on the shelves in stores right now, you'll find the Glo-Up Girls. Glo-Up Girls are the latest and trendiest dolls that tween girls are screaming for! With gorgeous hair, fashions and their bright, 'glowy' style, the Glo-Up girls are ready to inspire real girls to take on the world. 
There are 6 dolls to collect in the Glo-Up range.

'Erin, Tiffany, Alex, Sadie, Kenzie and Rose are the fab and fierce friends that make up the #GLO squad. They are always each other’s biggest fans, with different styles, passions, thoughts and talents that see them living their best lives. The GLO squad exist in a world where you can be anything you
want; and they’re here to help you explore exactly that! Are you ready to Glo-Up?'

Glo-Up Girls dolls are beautifully packaged. 

The adoration of gorgeous 'Tiffany' was apparent as soon as Miss C spotted her. She's bang-on in the tweens stage and loves her dolls now, more than ever. 

Tweens enjoy experimenting with fashion, cosmetics, hair styles and relationships. The Glo-Up Girls are specially designed for kids in the 6 plus age group. Technically the tween years are between 8-12, however all kids above the recommended age will be smitten with these trendy girls.

Kids can practice self-care by 'Glowing-up' their very own doll from the Glo-Up Girls collection.
Each doll arrives in her pyjamas and wears a sleeping mask. Children can discover their new bestie.

The Glo-Up Girls each come with a selection of fun packages and surprise gifts too. 

Tiffany unveiled in her pyjamas awaits a glow-up experience. 

Miss C got to work immediately on the 25 accessories included with Tiffany. (Her friends come with the same.) Celeste later gave herself a facial with the included face mask for kids that came in Tiffany's haul. There's also a facemask for Tiffany to wear plus a pretty outfit - pants, a top, shoes and a handbag. (See promotional images to see how Tiffany 'Glows-up.') 

Full instructions are included. Some adult supervision may be required.

'Tiffany is a loyal friend. Though shy at first, she will become a fast #BFF
and fly to the moon and back for you. Plus, she has a knack for matchmaking!
Aspiration: Creator of the #1 Social App
Style: Casual Chic'

Included are 25 exciting surprise reveals to Glo-Up your child and her new favourite doll.

There's a bath bomb with a surprise hidden inside. A foot spa, make-up that magically applies to the doll's face, colour-changing nails, earrings and multi-fashion items in addition to the doll's pyjamas and a sleep mask for end of the day play.

The Glo-Up Girls come with articulated joints for modelling. Be sure to collect the entire Glo-Up Girls range so that your child can enact all kinds of scenarios with her stunning buddies. Available now at Target stores Australia-wide. Glo-Up Girls are RRP $39.99 each.

GLO-UP Girls has its own TV show - The GLO Show! 
Follow the adventures of six REAL teenage influencers living in a social media content creator mansion, and taking-on sensational Glo-Up adventures. 
Check it out on YouTube on the 
GLO-UP Girls TV channel.

Enter our giveaway to WIN a Glo-Up Girls doll to kick-start your collection!*

Win a Glo-Up Girls doll worth $39.99!
*Dolls randomly picked.
Two winners will receive one doll each.
Total prize pool: $80
Australian residents only.
General promotion terms and conditions here.
Game of skill. Promotion ends July 4th, 2022.
Good luck!

*Disclosure: Featured item gifted in exchange for this review.


  1. The Glo-Up Girls Dolls are a delightful change from some dolls available today.

  2. The clothes are so colourful and funky!

  3. My niece loves staying over and doing her skincare alongside me, morning and night....she is such a little beauty lover. I know she'd spend hours providing makeovers for this Glo-Up Girl. (Juanita Thorn).

  4. I love that each girl has their own look and style..they do not all have the same face. Many of these dolls all look too much alike with just a different hair color or something. I love the little surprise pieces that are unique to each doll and my little one loves these little surprise pieces.

  5. The gorgeous fashion and flowing locks on these cute Glo-Up Girls would definitely bring a smile to my sweet niece. Sue B

  6. I love the Glow-Up Dolls because they are unique and I feel good about giving them to my daughters to play with!

  7. I love how on trend these are. My daughter loves all things pampering and it's cute they come with a face mask! Definitely on her wishlist!

  8. My 8yo grand daughter would be delighted to receive this fun, grown-up looking doll. (Wendy Hatton)

  9. I find the Glow-Up Girls so delightful different to others available, my almost 11 year old granddaughter really enjoy playing grown ups with one of these.

  10. My daughter would love this for her birthday. So cool with all the clothes and accessories and opening them for a surprise! Love the extra touch with the pampering accessories xx (Alexis)

  11. My little girl loves to play dolls,
    Much better than those hairy trolls!
    And these endless surprises will be a hit,
    Avoiding those school holiday boredom fits.


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