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LÜK Beautifood Lipstick Crayon and Liner Review. Delicious Inside and Out...

Many of us are looking for ways to lessen our impact on the environment in all areas of our lives. From recycling and sustainable practices right down to cosmetics, there are always better choices we can make to contribute to the ultimate goal of preserving our health and the environment. Read-on to learn the remarkable story behind this brand...
I personally have very sensitive skin which is prone to eczema and persistent dry patches. Especially in winter. I must select natural and less harmful products when it comes to skin care and cosmetics. I have a few favourite brands, many of which have been introduced to me via my blog. (Search Beauty to read our many previous reviews.) There are another couple of natural brands as well, that I 'accidently' discovered, and I like their products too. 

Even though I am a mask-wearer during these Covid times, and my lips are not on show, I still use moisturising lip balms beneath my mask to keep things in top-shape and hydrated. As soon as I heard of LÜK Beautifood lip crayons, I knew I had to try them. 


Look, taste & feel amazing 

Be nourished and alive every day with products that don't compromise your health & wellbeing.'

LÜK Beautifood.

I think many of us know the unseen perils of using standard lipsticks: 

'According to the University of California, the average woman will apply lipstick 2-14 times over a 12-hour period and will unknowingly ingest as much as 87 milligrams of product each day; which, over a lifetime, can equate to over 2-kilograms. As category regulations vary from country to country, this puts consumers at risk of ingesting potentially toxic ingredients, such as lead and cadmium, which has been linked to cancer, infertility, hormonal disruptions, and skin sensitivities.'

Selecting natural products is a simple choice and one that everyone should consider.
Beautiful colours that are reflections of those found in nature are always in fashion.

'Mother of two, food scientist and accomplished entrepreneur,
Cindy Luken, is the founder and CEO of Lük Beautifood.
Responsible for championing natural beauty and pioneering
conscious, toxin-free, nutrient-active cosmetics in Australia, 

Cindy started her entrepreneurial career in foodservice with the launch of
Luken & May Biscuits.
After taking precious time out to raise her family, she applied her
background in food science to launch the award-winning
cosmetics brand, Lük Beautifood, in 2012.
Cindy was awarded an Honorary Master of Science for her
dedication to food science and encouraging young people to
pursue a career in the industry.
Over the years, she has won over 20 export, entrepreneur and
business awards including an induction into the Australian
Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame.
Cindy is passionate about health, wellness and the power of food to
generate optimal health and radiant beauty. Her passion drives Lük
Beautifood and her team to inspire and help women discover and
celebrate their innate, natural beauty.'

The crayons are free from unhealthy animal fats, petroleum, and controversial mineral oils which can be fatal to domestic animals and wildlife. They are made in Italy using sustainably sourced wood from renewable sources.

LÜK Beautifood Lipstick Crayon Lipsticks and Liners are attractive wooden pencils that are lidded and will fit into any size handbag for touch-ups on-the-go. They are slightly matt-textured and smell and taste delicious. Good staying power with fashion-forward natural colours have made these an instant favourite of mine. A pencil is much more convenient to carry around than a small jar of lip balm.

Formulated with organic coconut oil, plant waxes, vitamin E and natural silica for a soft focus effect, the hydrating and creamy lipstick-liners provide long-lasting demi-matte colour with a nourishing cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Moisturising lips for a smoother, plumper, and more youthful-looking pout, each crayon contains oryzanol, a bioactive component of rice bran oil, to protect skin from free radical damage and filter harmful UV rays. 

I am very happy with these lipstick crayons. They feel amazing on and look and smell great too. They also have excellent staying power.
I am drinking tea and I cannot see any transfer of lip colour on my mug.

*Disclosure: Featured items were gifted in exchange for my honest opinions.

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