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Welcome to our website.

As a mum of six young kids aged from 4 to 17, I am often asked "How do you do it? What is it like? Are you nuts?!"

To be truthful, I can't answer a lot of those questions. I have no 'tricks of the trade' when it comes to motherhood and I am stumbling along like the rest of you. (By the way, that's me jammed in the picture above, second from the left, squashed under my son.)

So let's be hopeless together!

Want to know another truth? I never even intended to have six children either, so sometimes I too am shocked by the size of my own family!

Following my career in the advertising industry, my kids just happened; all desired and all planned... And I love it.

I have learned a thing or two though in my time as a mum and sometimes I even surprise myself. (I think I might even know some stuff too!)

I do like to enjoy myself in whatever role I take on and I take life quite lightly.

Humour floats my boat.

Maybe that's a bonus. Maybe that's the key to it all...

The Six Little Hearts fam!
Since my life, choices and family seem to be of so much interest to others, I thought I would start this website. Through it, I hope to give you a glimpse of my world. Maybe you can grab a great family recipe, find a parenting tip and hopefully have a laugh along the way.

Six Little Hearts is presented like a magazine. It's not just about us, it's relevant to all mums.

I love craft,(though I barely have any time to do it), baking sweet stuff, watching my kiddos grow and exploring my passion for the beauty of Melbourne while I am at it, with my kids by my side(and sometimes not!).

I appreciate the finer things in life: Champagne, good food, high teas, travel, fashion, beauty, good movies and books.(Don't even get me started on bags and shoes!)

You will find many of these things covered on my website, as well as the more nitty-gritty parenting stuff. Plus quite a bit on lifestyle topics.

I am not just a mum after all.

Three days before Christmas 2015, I learned that I had Stage III locally advanced breast cancer. A mammogram identified an almost 5cm tumour in my right breast, plus several 1cm tumours located in my armpit. My treatment commenced immediately, and for all of 2016 until as recently as March 2017, I underwent extensive and gruelling cancer treatment: chemotherapy, surgery, (twice - lymph node removal, then a lumpectomy), followed by radiation and 12 months of Herceptin infusions.

After an unbelievably long and difficult road, I consider myself very blessed to be here still.

My last day of radiation therapy for stage III advanced breast cancer, 29th August 2016.
Now enjoying remission!

I am now thrilled and relieved beyond belief to say that I am in remission. I will be writing about my experiences here soon, in the hope that my own story can bring awareness and hope to all who visit Six Little Hearts. We are all touched by cancer in some way throughout our lives. I truly never thought cancer would come to 'me.'

In other news, I regularly write product reviews of great things I think other parents would like to know about. You may even win something fab in one of our frequent giveaways.
Blogging is an exciting journey. Read about our cooking experience with celebrity chef Karen Martini here.

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And finally, I enjoy your interaction and comments! If you've got something sweet to say, type away!

Enjoy our space on the web and welcome. xx


  1. I have just come across your blog and I love it !!! It's so much fun to read!! I'm planning on getting my iPad tonight with a coffee and sitting an reading all your posts ! I have a blog too it's about my TTC journey (but I'm quite new to the blogging scene so it's not quite as good as yours lol) check it out it's

    1. Hi Ainsleigh!
      Thanks so much for the compliment! I am really enjoying my bloggy life.
      I will be sure to check out your blog. Thanks so much for following me! x

  2. Hey there, new liker here, look forward to reading your blogs :-)


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